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Sharaf, Abdul-Baquee (2012) "Annotation of Conceptual Co-reference and Text Mining the Qur’an". PhD Thesis, University of Leeds, 2012. Sharaf, Abdul-Baquee and Atwell, Eric. (2012) "QurSim: A corpus for evaluation of relatedness in short texts", LREC 2012. Sharaf, Abdul-Baquee and Atwell, Eric, (2012) "QurAna: corpus of the Quran annotated with pronominal anaphora", LREC 2012. Sharaf, A. et al (2010). "NLP Projects on Arabic and the Quran at Leeds University". Workshop on enriching Arabic digital contents. Damascus, Syria. Eric Atwell, Kais Dukes, Abdul-Baquee Sharaf, Nizar Habash, et al.(2010) Understanding the Quran: A new Grand Challenge for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Grand Challenges for Computing Research (2010). British Computer Society Workshop. Edinburgh Sharaf, A. and Atwell, E. (2009) A Corpus-based computational model for knowledge representation of the Qur'an. 5th Corpus Linguistics Conference, Liverpool Abdul-Baqi Sharaf (2009) The Qur'an Annotation for Text Mining. PhD 1st Year Transfer Report. Leeds University

Some Resources

# item file comments
1 Related verses of the Quran from Ibn-Kathir SQL file | CSV file | Excel file columns: ['id', 'source chapter no.', 'source verse no.', 'related chapter no.', 'related verse no.', 'no. of common keywords between the two verses', 'degree of relevance (0 is lowest, 2 is strongest) ']
2 Pronoun reference in the Quran Relationship between three files:
  1. Anaphor.sql will contain ref. to the segment id of the pronoun and the concept id to which this pronoun is attached.
  2. concepts.sql will contain the list of concepts
  3. Segments.sql | Segments.csv is the Quran file where each word has its own unique ID, and the pronouns and their referents are identified through these segment IDs. Here is the Quranic Arabic Corpus (QAC).
Check the column headings and ask me if things are not clear

Some Tutorials

R'ing with the Quran - Getting Qur'an text into R Text Mining the Quran - using R Explore Linux commands to find Quranic roots with frequencies

Sample Visualizations

Bar graph of Qur'anic Surah's by number of Verses

Sample Applications

Makki or Madani? Random verse app with python Python script using Quran API to count words of Makki and Madani Surahs Python script to find unique words in a surah. Angular App for Table of Contents of the Quran.