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This wiki guides you to the Quran and provides introductory lessons to understanding the Qur'an.



Some Notable Pages

Following are some notable pages:

Qur'anic Applications

  • Verse similarity: Allows you to see all verses that share a certain percent of characters with your input verse.
  • Quranic Chapter Relatives allows you to see the strongest relatives of a given Quran Chapter.
  • Word Cloud: See word clouds of a sura or group of suras of the Qur'anic.
  • Qur'an Concordance: Concordance over lemma, with a documentation wiki page.
  • Part-of-Speech Display of Sura: View a sura of the Qur'an with color-coded Part of speech tags.
  • Quranic word co-occurence: Allows you to enter a quranic terms to finds its most frequent neighbors.
  • N-gram Search: Search upto 5-gram phrases of the Quran with a frequency of 5 or more.
  • Pronoun References: Given a verse, see all pronoun references within this verse.
  • List of Concepts: See a list of concepts arising from Pronoun referents in the Quran.
  • Tafsir Corpus: Allows you to browse and download a parallel corpus of three famous Tafsir books, namely: Ibn Kathir, Jalalain and Qurtubi.

Quranic Semantic Frames

I started to build semantic frames out of some concepts in the Qur'an. Following frames are available now:


I am Abdul-Baquee, a PhD student at Leeds University working on Text Mining the Qur'an, under the supervision of Eric Atwell.

This site is still under construction!

When it is up and running it should enable you to text mine the Qur'an! We assume that the Qur'an holds lots of interesting information, facts, correlations, patterns, associations between facts and concepts that are difficult to discover by manual processing.

Hence, we try to employ computationl techniques from the fields of text mining, machine learning, natural language processing, computational linguistics and stylometrics to reveal some of the hidden trends and make it easy to link the scattered yet related concepts in the Qur'an.

This site is backed by academic research from computationl fields and respects the guidelines set by early Qur'anic scholars and their books of Tafsir like Ibn Jarir at-Tabari, Al-Baghawi and Ibn Kathir.

Following is an introductory video on my research topic.

Wiki Editing

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